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Old Nauvoo


Song inspired by the city of Nauvoo, Illinois in the 1840s and the trials experienced there.

Download Old Nauvoo Sheet Music

Music and lyrics written by Kenneth B. Jensen
Piano performed by Kenneth B. Jensen
Vocals performed by Marissa J. Bischoff
Guitar by Jacob Jensen


I walked in old Nauvoo
Her beauties still come through
I saw the starry skies
I heard the tearful cries.

Joseph’s voice still echoes here
his message always clear
to build a place of love
and reach for realms above.

I sing the songs of old
Zion’s glories are foretold
I pray the coming day will
sweep the tears away.

Her children now grow strong
though perils still abound
and conquering day by day
the crown is here to stay.

Press on ye sons of old
keep not the prayers on hold
Bring forth the glorious day
and Zion’s light display

The temple stands anew
eternities in view
its chambers touch the past
its work will ever last.